One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Can Opener
One Touch Can Opener

One Touch Can Opener

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Can opener Features:
Very simple and fast to use to open cans, bottles, tins and jars, very convenient.
An easy and safe way to open any sizes cans, just press the button and the can will be open in seconds.
The lid lifts off safely, without any edges or twisting.
The bottle wrench can open the caps without hurting hands or using too much strength.
The magnet on the opener would adsorbs the cover and then carefully remove it.

Jar opener Features:

1. Battery: 2*AA(1.5V)    
2. Perfect for any hard to open jar or bottle    
3. Just place the one Touch on top of the can, press the button and the can will be opened in seconds.
4. You don't even have to hold on to the opener- it rorates around automatically  
5. Stores conveniently in a drawer    
6. CE and ROHS certified    
7. Opens cans of all sizes    


Can opener Specifications:
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)

Jar opener Specifications:
Material: New ABS
Size of Product(without packing): 19X7X9.5CM;                                                                                        
Size of Product(with color box packing): 19.8x7.5x10.5CM;                                                                  
Weight of unit product (without packing): 389G;                                                                                     
Weight of unit product (with packing): 449G;

Package includes:
1.1 x Can opener & 
 1 x Bottle Wrench
2.1 x Jar opener